What are the centrum

Centres for the Arts of the Mediterranean and for the lusophone world

Places of passage, meeting and intercultural dialogue where the waves of Mediterranean cultures resound. The Centrums SSSL are anchored to the roots of the land that saw their birth and that hosts them. They are spaces of aggregation and comparison, artistic shops where important characters of the Mediterranean and lusophone world stay, find inspiration, converse, create and share. They are places of union among art, music, cultural tourism and promotion of the territory.

Contemporary Art Exhibitions, artistic residences, creativity laboratories, concerts and original musical productions, multicultural meetings, often accompanied by wine and food tastings: these are the main activities that animate the “homes” of the Festival Sete Sóis Sete Luas. Every year, the wide artistic planning, made by the Association Sete Sóis Sete Luas, has about 7-10 international-dimension projects in every Centrum SSSL, projects that are promoted in a coordinated way and whose protagonists are numerous: prestigious artists, affirmed and rated in their own country but not yet at an international level, young talents, students who participate at laboratories and at exchange programs among the cities of the network SSSL, cultural associations present on the territory.
Annually, 50,000 visitors and more than 35 prestigious artists of the Mediterranean come to the homes of the Festival SSSL. For every international project a catalogue in various languages is produced.

Every Centrum Sete Sóis Sete Luas is identifiable through a mosaic wave that passes on the external wall and contains the names of the cities that belong to the network of the Centrums SSSL.
It has a space devoted to the permanent collection, depositary of the memory of the local and international activities of the Festival SSSL; a room devoted to the temporary shows; an art-library and a bookshop where people can see all the cultural, artistic and publishing productions of the Festival Sete Sóis Sete Luas: CDs, DVDs, books, catalogues and wine and food products that represent the Countries of the SSSL network. Every Centrum is also equipped with a big room for meetings, presentations, debates, concerts and guesthouses for the young interns of the SSSL network.

At the moment these Centrums are active in:
Pontedera and Calcinaia (Tuscany, Italy), Ponte de Sor and Montargil (Portugal) and in Cape Verde: Ribeira Grande (Santo Antão Island), Cidade do Porto Inglês (Maio Island), Nova Sintra (Brava Island), São Felipe (Fogo Island).